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Accelerating Return to Work and
Return to Life

WIN for Rapid Recovery

programs are capitated, inexpensive, and effective.

They dramatically reduce the costs of complex cases.

"The entire program is done face-to-face over the internet from the convenience of your medical provider’s office or the comfort of your own home."

Simply stated:

WIN drives success through physical function improvement.

Our programs accelerate progress. They do NOT lead to traditional "psych claims"; in fact, they help prevent them.


Sessions target specific injuries, not pre-existing patient issues or intangible factors.

When patients and physicians take joint responsibility for treatment plans and progress, healing happens more quickly. The key is actionable, transparent data.

 With WIN you can monitor psychological and neuromusculoskeletal variables via evaluations. More openness and supporting documents for the treatment plan are provided by this.

The WIN Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs are accredited by the Joint Commission. Each program instills the coping skills, structure, and support that patients and employees need to get over the rough spots with resilience and focused intent.

Either way, cases are resolved and claims are closed faster.

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