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The Work Injury Network
for Rapid Recovery

Tele-Behavioral Health for

Injured Workers

We aren’t your typical “Shrink” where you lie on a couch and talk about everything from your mom to how the Monday morning watercooler conversation made you feel.

WIN for Workers

Most people have trouble getting their lives “back to normal” after being injured.  It isn’t enough to simply let the injury run its course, like the flu, and expect to just go about your life like nothing happened.  When you add the demands and expectations from coworkers, family, friends, providers, yourself, and even your pocketbook, this can leave you feeling like there is something wrong with you or you aren't doing enough to recover.  

How it Works

How WIN Works

At WIN, we make it fast and easy to get get paired with a therapist and back to life. Here's how it works:

Treating Provider Referral

The medical provider who oversees the patient's care discusses the WIN program with the patient, and sends a referral to the WIN team.


The WIN team works with the patient's insurer to get approval for treatment. There is never a cost to the patient.


The WIN Patient Navigator works with the patient to collect information, sign forms, practice using the online platform, and schedule an assessment with a clinician.


The patient completes online assessments to provide baseline measures for review during their assessment with a clinician.

Assessment with Clinician

The patient meets online with a licensed behavioral health clinician to complete their assessment, discuss results, and review which treatment option(s) will best benefit the patient.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Accelerated Recovery Sessions

Patients who will benefit from the WIN Rapid Recovery program meet online with a clinician in twice-weekly sessions to learn and practice skills known to help manage pain, increase function, and reduce stress.

Return to Life

Progress continues long after the program is completed. Sometimes return to work happens during the program, other times, the journey is longer. Consistent practice of the program skills increases the likelihood of better long-term outcomes.

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